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Ready PayAdvice secure electronic payslip for singapore and malaysia
PayAdvice for Smart Companies

Ready PayAdvice is an on-line Payslip system that enables the employees to login with user ID and password to view or print their payslips. At year-end, it enables the employees to view or print their IRAS forms like IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B.

Ready PayAdvice is an employee self-service system that are for employees who have computers and complements the payroll department's current method of distributing laser sealable payslips or presealed dot-matrix payslips to employees who do not have computers or would otherwise prefer hardcopy pay advice.

Key-features and benefits with Ready PayAdvice :

Ready PayAdvice
  • ability for employees to view monthly e-payslips or annual IRAS forms (e.g IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A or Appendix 8B)
  • notify employees via email that their e-payslip is ready
  • Employees have the choice of viewing current month and past month's payslips or to print them.
  • Secured access
  • paperless payslips (current month or YTD payslip) and IR8A forms
  • saves time - no more printing and manually distributing payslip every month. During year-end, no more messy printing and distributing IR8A forms. Employees can print or view payslip or IR8A forms at any time.
  • saves money - because you either purchase less or no longer need to purchase presealed envelopes or forms.
  • fast and convenient - because your employee gets their payslip and IRAS form anytime during the day.
  • gives the employee the choice of printing or viewing the payslip or IRAS forms on their computers thru secured passwords.
  • Sample Payslip
  • Sample IR8A


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