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Ready NoticeBoard secure electronic payslip for singapore and malaysia
Online Notice Board for Smart Companies

Ready NoticeBoard is the hub for information dissemination to your employees.

Traditionally, notices are posted on a physical notice board or emailed to employees to inform them of events, announcements, or any other information that all your employees need to know.

However, these traditional methods are not efficient and time-consuming. Notices have to be printed and manually posted on a physical notice board and to be manually removed from the notice board when they are no longer relevant. Emails sent to employees may end up in their spam folders and be missed by employees until it is too late.

Ready NoticeBoard offers an ideal practical solution that effectively addresses the above-mentioned setbacks with traditional methods. Notices are created online and you can set an expiry date on each notice. Employees will be able to view these notices from their computers as long as they have an Internet connection. Additionally, employees can be alerted via email notification of any new notices posted online. Expired notices will automatically be removed from the employee's access but will remain in the main database available to be re-activated in future if the notice is required again.

Key-features and benefits with Ready NoticeBoard :

Ready NoticeBoard
  • Employees can access the online notice board to view the notices from anywhere in the world via Internet access.
  • Employees will not miss any notices, provided they check the online notice board frequently, resulting in more efficient information dissemination.
  • Savings in paperwork and paper usage.
  • Employees can be alerted to any new notices posted via email notification.
  • Notices will automatically be removed from the online notice board when they expire.
  • Expired notices can be retrieve by the administrator and be re-activated for posting to the online notice board again if necessary.


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