Singapore Payroll

Ready Pay - Payroll Software

Our payroll software includes automaticcalculations of overtime, allowances, bonuses, shift, unpaid leave, deductions, pay revisions, including backpay and statutory contributions. We have system interface with over 20 banks, providing the convenience of direct deposit via GIRO. There is also the option to export CPFLine / Internet, IRASLine, time clocks and accounting systems data to Excel. Ready Pay payroll software is user-friendly with the capability of user customizable fields, reports and pay slips, with options for multi currency and multi job-costing. Coupled with an excellent security access control with user defined security levels and audit trials, it is a system of choice among many of our customers.
Singapore Human Resource HR

Ready Staff - HRIS

Our Human Resource software provides your HR department a plethora of options, such as employee resume, training cost and scheduling, benefits, loans, medical cost and reimbursements, leave management and projection, performance appraisals with salary recommendations, salary scales, career progression and career path planning, job history, education and qualifications, skills, accidence and insurance claims, disciplinary actions and counseling, manpower planning, salary budgeting, tracks assets held by employees and family records. With Ready Staff HR solution, we leave no stone unturned to serve your every need.
Singapore Electronic Leave Online System

Ready Leave - Online Leave System

Ready Leave allows authorized employees thru authentication, to apply leave via any computer, whether it is a PC in the office, or at home. HR officers are able to approve leave on-line with automatic posting of approved leave, updating leave records without tedious data entry. This self service system allows employees to enquire their leave entitlements, balances and past leave records anytime and to enquire whether their leave applications have been approved without contacting the HR department. HR officers can also view past leave applied, rejected or cancelled. This system will save your organisation many man-hours, something that many of our customers agree.
Singapore Electronic Pay Notification

Ready Email - Secured e-Payslip

Ever tried to go paperless, but couldn't find the right solution. Well now you have with Ready Email. It is a powerful tool that allows your payroll department to send secured electronic payslip and eForm IR8A via encrypted emails. Ready Email is fast and convenient, because your employee gets their payslips and Form IR8A anytime and anywhere, and they can also choose to archive soft copy of the payslips. Now, your HR department can do away with manning calls for missing payslips.
Electronic Claim Reimbursement

Ready Claim - Online Claim Submission and Approval

Ready Claim allows employee to submit online claims, such as travel expense, medical, dental, training, overtime claims in hours or amounts, etc. Upon approval, employees receives email notification. No more messy paperwork! Our system allows your organisation to set limits for amounts that an employee can claim as well as setting limits for amounts that a manager can approve.
Singapore TimeSheet

Ready TimeSheet - Online Timesheet System

Ready Timesheet allows employees to fill in timesheet application form online. Any employee can submit timesheet, as well as allocating time to multiple cost centers or jobs and to apply for overtime online. Ready TimeSheet allows supervisors or approving officers to view, verify and approve the timesheets.
Malaysia Singapore Fixed Assets Software

Ready Asset - Fixed Assets

Our Fixed Assets Management software includes full asset registers, multi-currency depreciation calculation and projections, capital allowance, fixed asset movements, revaluation, disposals, tracks warranty, maintenance contract and repair cost, insurance, cost centers allocation, monthly and year end audit schedules and capital budgeting.
Asset Auditing with barcode scanner

Ready Asset-Audit - Fixed Asset Auditing System

Fixed Assets system that extends the power of Ready Asset by introducing barcode asset labels to perform physical asset auditing using handheld laser scanner. It eliminates the tediousness of physical asset auditing exercise by scanning selected asset barcode labels into the scanner and returned scanned lists to PC after the exercise for automatic assets reconciliation. Prints discrepancies reports that list missing assets, undocumented or moved assets, and prints barcode labels.

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